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Ned Ferguson, Professional Surveyor
We are hired primarily for two reasons. 1) Our clients need information. 2) We accept liability on behalf of our clients. Surveyors are expert investigators who collect, compile, assess, and communicate information. A contractor needs to be sure where to place a building or other improvements. A homeowner needs to know where to place a fence. Neighbors need to verify common boundaries. Real estate investors must be certain that hidden problems are discovered prior to closing. Architects and engineers require topographic and boundary information for planning and design. It is important to select a surveyor who understands his critical investigative role in your project. Our services protect clients from liability. Too many people take risks that they should never consider, and pay the price. Please do not make “educated guesses” regarding the installation of critical infrastructure, property line locations, or purchase real estate without proper due diligence.  If you decide where to build, the liability is yours. If we show you where to build, the liability for that decision is ours. Mistakes or oversights can cost exponentially more than the initial expense of hiring us. Do due diligence. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Please contact us or request a free, no-obligation quote today. Sincerely,
Knoxville: 865.689.6169  Clinton: 865.457.4606
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Our office is in the Historic Worthington Residence (a wonderful example of English Cottage Revival architecture) built from Tennessee Crab Orchard stone c. 1930.
When you need to know, Knowing is our business. Crede sed proba Professional Land Systems Land Surveyors
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  • Due diligence prevents loss.Caveat emptor
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